Resuming on what I really always wanted to do…

Finally I have a chance to get blogging again! After a short uptime during the summer of 2009, the WordPress blog crashed and I decided to let the blog go for quite a while until today. (Me stares at the long list of anime I still have to watch at the moment….)

But don’t worry, I will still post my occasional ramblings about life and society. And as an added bonus, whenever I decide to upgrade my final Domain Controller to Windows Server 2008, I am going to be sure to document my experiences with that procedure. (In place upgrades always scares me. No matter how it turns out, I still have high doubts about getting any version of Windows upgraded that way.)

In the coming months, I hopefully will be able to dedicate more time on resuming this blog and getting my words out in to the interwebs of the world.

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