Nanoha the Movie 1st

Okay, how long ago was Strikers? Probably 3 years ago.

Today marks the release of the long awaited movie. Nanoha the Move 1st. I know, the name sounds a bit weird… But hey, finally a 3 year gap in the Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha Series, something fills it at least.

Sadly, none of the English speaking people will be able to see it. In the mean time, have a trailer or two to fill the gap:

(P.S. I heard there’s good animation in this one, better than the older series as far as I heard. Also I hear there’s more of Feito here 😉 )

Resuming on what I really always wanted to do…

Finally I have a chance to get blogging again! After a short uptime during the summer of 2009, the WordPress blog crashed and I decided to let the blog go for quite a while until today. (Me stares at the long list of anime I still have to watch at the moment….)

But don’t worry, I will still post my occasional ramblings about life and society. And as an added bonus, whenever I decide to upgrade my final Domain Controller to Windows Server 2008, I am going to be sure to document my experiences with that procedure. (In place upgrades always scares me. No matter how it turns out, I still have high doubts about getting any version of Windows upgraded that way.)

In the coming months, I hopefully will be able to dedicate more time on resuming this blog and getting my words out in to the interwebs of the world.

Finally… After a hiatus of 2 years, it has ended. As of now.

Within these 2 years I’ve decided that I shall take up blogging once again. Yes, I am doing it again. This time much more improved. No more one huge assed paragraphs and less profane content. (I’m trying to reduce the profane content to keep the content at a PG-13 level. Seriously.)

So if you were reading what was going on here 2 years ago, I was somewhat overwhelmed by life and school in general. And there was a perfect chance for me to discontinue this blog: Liway’s server being shutdown due to issues with the VPS Provider, not Liway.

During these 2 years I’ve improved and accumulated skills on life in general and very recently got very intrested into Japanese Anime  (2 years ago if you asked me about Anime, I would have made the instant response that Anime isn’t my kind of entertainment.)

Also my skills on computing has improved as well. If you were searching on Google for ‘’, that would be my own home based Active Directory domain. Currently that domain I’m running at home is isolated from the Internet and the only way of getting inside the network is you have to break through the ISA 2006 VPN Server first before you can even merely get into my network.

Oh well, I hope that you now enjoy this new and improved blog so keep your RSS clients subscribed to this blog in the meantime!