Changing the php.ini File for Web Workers in Windows Azure Pack Websites v2

As some of you may have noticed with Windows Azure Pack Websites v2, you can have the user to specify certain settings inside the .user.ini file if they want to enable fancy PHP options.

However, what if you want to make those changes applied globally to all of your tenant’s web sites by default? Doing some quick Google searches leads you to a dead end. However I accidentally discovered this trick when I was upgrading a lab web farm from Update 4 to Update 6.

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Cleaning up a MS SQL Server after Windows Azure Pack Websites v2 was Previously Installed

As most people will have known this working with a Windows Azure Pack Web Farm lab environment, cleaning up the data can be a pain since the installer refuses to continue if any databases containing Windows Azure Pack Websites v2 data.

You can easily fix this by running these queries:

drop database [Hosting];
drop database [ResourceMetering];
drop login Hosting_FileServer;
drop login Hosting_HostingAdmin;
drop login Hosting_LoadBalancer;
drop login Hosting_Operations;
drop login Hosting_Publisher;
drop login ResourceMetering;
drop login ResourceMetering_Operations;

That should clean up the database server so a new instance of Websites can be installed on that database server.

Mikrotik CRS125 Series Basic VLAN Configuration

Since I’ve been working with Xarix Cloud Computing and knowing what gear they use for core networking, I’ve decided to procure similar gear that they use to setup a home lab.

The Mikrotik CRS125 series switch is what I’ve settled on. The specific model I got features 24 Gigabit Ethernet Ports, a single SFP port and a Console port. Internals wise, this switch uses the AR9344 SoC for the switch’s main CPU functions and the QCA8513 26 port switch ASIC. Pretty much standard for a managed switch nowadays. All their CRS series switches run off on RouterOS 6.x with switching functionality added on top of the OS.
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Windows Azure Pack Update Rollup 5

This morning Microsoft pushed out update KB3023209 out to the Updates channel. This update is meant for systems running Windows Azure Pack in their private cloud.

The full text of the update is as follows:

This update contains functionality fixes. Among them are: 1) Support for SQL Resource Governor in the SQL Server Resource Provider. 2) Admin support for disabling native Virtual Network Extension to allow for 3rd Party Network Providers. 3) Provide detail on VM Memory type, Memory Startup and Maximum values in the Tenant Portal. 4) Fix to the Get-MgmtSvcRelyingPartySettings PowerShell cmdlet. 5) Fix to the issue of failing to establish an RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) to VMs placed behind a NAT. 6) Fix to the “Attached Network” dialog in the Virtual Machines Extension where the network entries in the list were disabled. 7) Support for increasing capacity of SQL hosting server in WAP.

For clouds that also run Windows Azure Pack Web Sites v2, sorry there aren’t any updates on that for this rollup release.

As always when it comes to applying this update – You gotta bring down all of the machines that serve out Windows Azure Pack before installing the update – you don’t want your tenants messing up things while you’re applying updates.

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite Internal Block Diagram

Because of work, I ended up having one of these routers.

Having an EdgeRouter Lite to add new features in to it seemed fun. The software that powers it is pretty well known as a fork from Vyatta Core back in the 6.3 days along with Cavium’s IP Offload module that enables it to forward packets at 1 Million per second for 64 byte packets (That’s as low as an Ethernet frame can go, by the way). It’s also well known that the SoC used in this particular model is manufactured by Cavium.
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