About Me

About Me….

I am a Windows/Linux Systems Administrator/PHP Hacker/WHMCS Poking around person over at Xarix Cloud Computing. Conveniently, this blog is also hosted under their resources. My day to day roles over there are either look into new technologies available to the company under Microsoft SPLA agreements and/or Open Source technologies that are not in the Microsoft paradigm.

At the moment, I am available for hire for consulting work on the side. Just shoot an email to consulting atnospam v10networks dot ca.

Sorry I had to make my email address that hard to read, it’s to keep out the script kiddie level spambots from sending in junk email to my servers. I hate them, and so should you.

And oh, if you haven’t gotten the gist already… Everything I post here does not reflect on the opinions of my employers. They are my own opinions or observations. Please do not contact them about things that you may not necessarily agree with the content I post here.

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