Tony of FreeSWITCH… Very Funny…

Ha Ha very funny of you…

In case if you’re wondering, yes Tony of FreeSWITCH did add that colorized banner in fs_cli.c with the effect of advertising that ClueCon is coming in a month…

For people who are getting annoyed at it, I’ve reverted that and you can use my patch to get rid of that banner:

From 23526fe0cbd306c9e993e31e679ff8f8f185f14b Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Jeff Leung 
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2012 23:28:07 -0700
Subject: [PATCH] Haha very funny...

 libs/esl/fs_cli.c         |   11 ++++-------
 libs/esl/src/include/cc.h |    3 ---
 2 files changed, 4 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)
 delete mode 100644 libs/esl/src/include/cc.h

diff --git a/libs/esl/fs_cli.c b/libs/esl/fs_cli.c
index 8532e23..408c946 100644
--- a/libs/esl/fs_cli.c
+++ b/libs/esl/fs_cli.c
@@ -916,18 +916,15 @@ static const char *banner =
        "* Paypal Donations Appreciated: *\n"
        "* Brought to you by ClueCon   *\n"
-       "\n";
-static const char *inf = "Type /help  to see a list of commands\n\n\n";
+       "\n"
+       "Type /help  to see a list of commands\n\n\n";

 static void print_banner(FILE *stream)
 #ifndef WIN32
-       fprintf(stream, "%s%s%s\n%s", output_text_color, banner, cc, inf);
+       fprintf(stream, "%s%s", output_text_color, banner);
-       fprintf(stream, "%s%s\n%s", banner, cc, inf);
+       fprintf(stream, "%s", banner);

diff --git a/libs/esl/src/include/cc.h b/libs/esl/src/include/cc.h
deleted file mode 100644
index 573a7f7..0000000
--- a/libs/esl/src/include/cc.h
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,3 +0,0 @@

*Note: This patch isn’t meant to offend anybody. If it did, well there’s not much you can do about it 😛

FreeSWITCH LCR Data for

While I was bored and still on the lookout for jobs, I decided to embark on the task of building a Least Cost Routing database for FreeSWTICH’s mod_lcr module. This database I built is meant for use with (also known as fongo)

The completed SQL database can be downloaded from here:

Some notes before you start using this database:

  • Data may not be complete
  • By default the carrier id is set to 1, but you can change all of this.

If I feel like it, I may provide an user interface so you can customize your Carrier ID and provide a more real-time like LCR SQL database. This should work on PostgreSQL and MySQL installations as the database linked is just a bunch of inserts. I’ll probably edit this post later for my rationale on why I created such database.


Here’s my rationale for creating a LCR database: Having to build a dialplan to match a huge list of “Free Calling Areas” provided by can get daunting. Somebody by the name Jake on the FreePhoneLine forums did, and it didn’t look pretty once it gets integrated with the dialplan. To see what he came up with, look here. It does not look pretty AT ALL. Besides, it isn’t all that scalable when there are either new free calling areas being added or removed in the dialplan. Sure creating a huge list is just fine for a provider or two, but what if you have multiple VoIP providers at your fingertips?

Enter FreeSWITCH’s mod_lcr. Provided you know what you’re doing with this module, you can now dynamically route your calls via a database depending on the numbers using the LCR interface provided by FreeSWTICH. What does this mean to the average user? It means that now you can effectively route calls to free calling areas in and use other routes for calls that are not covered by them for free. Your other routes could be, Flowroute, or any endpoint you can interface with FreeSWITCH as a matter of fact. Heck if you do own a traditional TDM voice link, you could use that as a fall back link if necessary!

The huge benefit of using mod_lcr to route calls is you can now remove and add routes via a database management frontend such as PhpMyAdmin or PhpPgAdmin (Depending on what database you choose to interface FreeSWITCH) without having the need to gain access to the FreeSWITCH console and refreshing the XML configuration in there. Routes added or removed using those database management frontends mentioned above take effect almost immediately as the calls are dynamically routed when the LCR module is used to route such calls.

So I hope you choose your poison carefully. Really 😛

A Nice HOWTO on Installing FreeSwitch on Scientific/CentOS/RHEL 6-based Servers

Over the past year I’ve been experimenting FreeSwitch as my home based PBX solution and so far using it seems like quite a breeze. Installation was quite a breeze too when you don’t run into problems. Maintaining it was also quite a breeze… until you discover (quite rudely) the fact that a boot option should be appended on the GRUB configuration file with these newer RHEL-like 6 releases. (I’m talking about Scientific/CentOS here, not the real RHEL 6 product which a poor starving student at the moment could not afford.)

Continue reading “A Nice HOWTO on Installing FreeSwitch on Scientific/CentOS/RHEL 6-based Servers”

My Saga for Unlocking and Debranding the SonyEricsson J105a (Naite) From FIDO (Rogers)

It’s been two months since I’ve owned my SonyEricsson J105a (Naite) bought from Fido off for $150 dollars. Well, everyone here knows that I’m a tech savvy person and I am willing to hack anything just for the heck of it.

This is my story on debranding, customizing and unlocking my Naite just for the heck of it.

The story all began as soon as I got my hands on a SonyEricsson Naite from a random Fido dealership in Richmond Center. And here’s what I can say about the sales experience there – it seems like the sales associate was trying to pressure me into buying the more expensive SonyEricsson T715a which I see no point in buying. How was the sales associate pressuring me? I just had to laugh in the back of my head when he claimed the Naite isn’t a quad band GSM phone. But then again, I insisted on purchasing the J105a because I like prefer bar phones over any other types of cell phones. Sales experience wise, I’m noticing these sales associates in Fido stores tend to lie to get you into purchasing the more expensive phones that are just considered overkill for me. My needs for a phone is to talk, light internet browsing and tethering. Ranting aside, I’m going to go on the unlocking part.

Anyone who’s owned a GSM phone in Canada would know it’s most likely locked to the provider where it was purchased from. Naturally, I wanted to find out who can unlock my Naite for less than $20 bucks. None of the ‘unlockers’ I talked to was willing to do it for less than $20. However, I found out that a group out there calling themselves “Cruiser Team” are charging around $15 USD to unlock any Sony Ericsson phone. For me, I found a reseller who sold me credits for about $13 CAD, $7 cheaper than most unlockers out there and I get to have the codes that can re-lock the phone back to Fido if necessary. Now this phone can be used on Rogers, Bell and Telus… possibly on WIND Mobile or Moblicity if they do get the license to operate on the North American GSM 850/1900 band.

On the topic of debranding, you may have seen me post on HowardForums about the Customize.xml file for the Naite. Well, that’s the file you’ll need to debrand and customize your phone’s settings. You can do it using either a customize_upgrade.xml for settings to be applied on a non-permanent basis (useful for testing, etc) or by overwriting the customize.xml file for settings applied permanently. Where’s the customize.xml file? It’s here. Customize the file to your liking, it’s your choice.

On how of using the customize or customize_upgrade file, you have to upload it to your phone using a2uploader, which can be found here. That page is in Russian, but looking for the a2uploader.rar file isn’t that hard. Just scroll down.

After customizing the file to your liking, use a2uploader to upload the customize.xml or customize_upgrade.xml file, shut down your phone completely and remove the battery. Start a2uploader in file manager mode. a2uploader at this point will instruct you to press down the “C” button on the phone while connecting the USB cable. Now navigate to /tpa/preset/custom and drop that customize.xml or customize_upgrade.xml file there. Shut the phone down and start it up. It should see either the customize.xml or customize_upgrade.xml file and apply your customizations that you’ve made to it by displaying a “Please Wait” screen. After that “Please Wait” screen’s disappeared, verify that the settings applied correctly.

On a side note, if you do use the customize_upgrade.xml file, read my HowardForums post about the CDA value. You need to put that CDA value in the customize_upgrade.xml file as my Naite lost it when I a customize_upgrade.xml file without the CDA value on it.

Hope my story of debranding and unlocking my Naite will help somebody out there that’s desperate to rid of Fido’s logos, demo games and themes.