High School Of the Dead… So far… 3 or 4 episodes

The manga turned anime titled “High School of The Dead” is probably one of my must watch on the list.

Background info: This series is about a world having everyone infected with some kind of disease and when they die, their bodies get re-animated. Okay, fair game. Sounds just like your average zombie flick or another Resident Evil movie… Just your generic zombie apocalypse, this time in animation.

So far 3 or 4 episodes later, I just find this series… well a bit morbid, bloody and sometimes smexy. (I just wished the directors for this series didn’t put too much of exposed female lingerie for the audience… Yes, the girls are hot and smexy… But… Just a little too excessive of wardrobe malfunction…). I also find it entertaining in a world where pretty much everybody’s turned into zombies and the survivors now have to face challenges just to live on. Those challenges can be from person to person or just trying hard not to get killed by the horde of zombies that’s coming at you.

Oh well, I’m just waiting for the episode where the firearms start to come out… Yes… Firearms… Oops, I forgot… they don’t have sub-sonic ammunition and a suppressor to kill all of the zombies without being noticed. Okay, if the zombies are indeed sensitive to sound, then why don’t the author of the manga add suppressors and sub-sonic ammunition? But then again it’s part of the plot, right? Non-stop action on killing zombies is just only the beginning of the story. Sadly they don’t feature my favorite PDW… The P90. Notice the absence of the ‘S’. Yes… Full auto mode… Subsonic ammunition… and a suppressor… just makes killing zombies in the world of HSoTD easier and a lot more entertaining… Killing zombies and having them not know what hit ’em? Just perfect.

And also, a old friend of mine I haven’t seen in ages made a post about it… Just wanted to post a URI to ping her blog… Right Pam?
Pam… Here is my response post because you posted about it.

Even if you don’t like the series Pam, just wait for the part where the firearms start to come out…

Nanoha the Movie 1st

Okay, how long ago was Strikers? Probably 3 years ago.

Today marks the release of the long awaited movie. Nanoha the Move 1st. I know, the name sounds a bit weird… But hey, finally a 3 year gap in the Magical Lyrical Girl Nanoha Series, something fills it at least.

Sadly, none of the English speaking people will be able to see it. In the mean time, have a trailer or two to fill the gap:

(P.S. I heard there’s good animation in this one, better than the older series as far as I heard. Also I hear there’s more of Feito here 😉 )