Not News: Facebook Now Available Over IPv6. And My Opinions On It

It’s not exactly news to most people who are IPv6 enthusiasts, but yes. Facebook is finally getting the message and they’re transitioning to IPv6. You can access it here: Facebook over IPv6

Why access facebook over IPv6? It makes you look cool, that’s why. Just imagine the first person on the block being able to access facebook over IPv6 while the majority of users out there who don’t have an idea what IPv6 is go “Wow… What’s IPv6 anyways?”. You IPv6 enthusiasts, gurus or whatever you call yourselves, don’t worry, we’re on the same boat if we mention IPv6 in front of an average person.

My opinion on facebook trying out IPv6: Great move. The transition has to happen some time. Don’t be like craigslist or Wikipedia who has clearly stated a while ago that they didn’t have a plan in place for the transition to IPv6. Having it enabled on a popular site like facebook can certainly raise awareness that the transition’s happening soon… Only if the facebook staff did make a public announcement on the availability of the site over IPv6.

I’m not going to explain in depth what IPv6 is and why we need IPv6 right in this post. I’ve assumed by this point if you understood what IPv6 was meant to fix, you’ll get the point.

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