Lesson of the Day: Do Not Steal A Hacker’s Computer, Especially If You’re “Someone Who’s Less Competent Than a Keyboard Chimp”

This piece might sound old in the DEFCON/hacker community, but a hacker by the name Zoz had his Mac G4 desktop stolen back in 2008 or so. 2 years later a person by the name Melvin Guzman somehow got the machine online on a non-NATted IPv4 address, opening the window for Zoz to start his expedition on recovering his stolen desktop. The slides he presents might not be so work safe, although he clearly makes some effort on censoring the not work safe parts. Language is also present, so just don’t turn the speakers up if you’re at work.

If you’re an IT professional or something similar, you’ll find this video to be quite humorous in nature. For anyone else, the moral is: Don’t steal or mess around with a hacker’s computer. He also mentions that due to his poor security practices, he was able to use his “high tech” skills against “someone who’s less competent than a keyboard chimp”. So… If you’re one of those people who are in fact IT pros and recently had their laptops/desktops stolen, follow his examples and you’ll probably get it back… Eventually…

If you’re interested, the slides in high resolution detail are somewhere stashed in Google. Just go find them 😉

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