Samba 4.0 Released!

This one missed my radar of to hunt down on… Samba 4.0 being released.

Why am I making such announcement here? Because Samba 4.0 is a huge release where it implements an Active Directory compatible ‘controller’. Yes, you heard that, Active Directory ‘compatible’.

Now on the part of being ‘compatible’, I’m not so sure how compatible it is, but at least Windows Server 2012 Member Servers can authenticate against it and the management tools can also be used with administering the Samba 4 domain. In theory this should also extend to Windows 7, 8 and possibly Windows XP Professional with the Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools installed.

Some tools that will not work with a Samba 4 domain are probably going to be Active Directory Administrative Center and PowerShell cmdlets for AD. Those interfaces require a real Windows Domain Controller that has a HTTP server that supports those interfaces

Download it here if you want to knock yourself out with it.

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