KB2750149 and the Failover Cluster GUI… Ouch

Last Patch Tuseday’s round had an update (KB2750149) for the .NET Framework on Windows 8/2012 systems that broke the Failover Cluster management UI. It’s a known issue for Microsoft as reported on their blog below:


Unfortunately as of writing, Microsoft hasn’t pushed an update for fixing what they broke. However what they broke should not affect the functionality of the Failover Cluster itself. As the blog post stated above, the Failover Cluster will still function as normal and can still be managed using the PowerShell cmdlets or the command line tools.

To fix the issue you’ll probably have to either use DISM or the Windows Image Servicing PowerShell cmdlets to remove the .NET Framework Update. By performing a dism /online /get-packages or Get-WindowsPackage -Online and searching for the string ‘KB2750149’ should be sufficient enough to start the removal process.

Again before removing the patch, consult with the documentation. I can’t be responsible if you break your own system when you remove that patch mentioned above 😉

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