Vancouver 2010… Day 4…

Yes, I am working there if you may ask. In fact I currently work at OF1, the Olympic Family Hotel for ALL the hot shots that are staying at.

So far I’ve been working there 14 days straight. Seen the Governor General of Canada‘s motorcade come by with her physically inside of that car. Saw stupid things like a driver backing in the low clearance area of the parkade without looking back and smashing the back windshield of the Olympic sponsor’s cars. Seen idiots residents calling us SkyTrain workers and a bunch of smurfs.

And that’s all I have seen during my 14 day streak of working there. 8 hour long shifts, not a good thing for many people; but for me this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work in the Olympics. I’ve even had my family to persuade me into coming home for the Lunar New Year celebrations, but I turned it down telling them that the Olympics is more important than that yearly event. (Hey, who gets to work in the Olympics during the lifetime? Probably 1 in a million, if you ask me :p )

Stay tuned for more to come as I work more there longer during the games.

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