Dealing With a Laptop That Continiously ‘Rage Shut Down’

Have you ever wondered why the laptop you’re using right now sometimes shutdowns without warning? You know the type of shutdown that happens… You happen to be working on an important document and the laptop suddenly decides to shut down on it’s own. You push the power button on again and an hour or two later, the same thing happens again.

Here’s a hint on what really happened: There’s dust inside your laptop and you’ll need to clean it out.

I can’t provide a real “how-to” on ridding dust out of your laptop, but I can certainly tell you to Google on how to disassemble your laptop and get access to the cooling fan.

Now some of you might ask, why am I blogging about this subject today? The reason is, yes my laptop was doing the exact same thing. It took me 3 days to figure out on what really happened inside and I took the time today to fix that problem. If I took it to a repair shop and had them to repair the issue, I could have lost $200-300 on the spot. Fortunately I do have the skills to remove such dust inside the laptop without too much trouble. If I couldn’t fix this issue, I’d be wondering why I am going to BCIT this September for a course that’s related to what I did today…

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