For F!@#’s Sake!: People Asking Your Phone Number On a Public Facebook Page/Event/Group

Here’s the first post on the series on For F!@#’s Sake!. For now, I’m going to say that For F!@#’s Sake! is just a series of articles/posts on things that either just aggravate me or it’s so stupid to the point, I just can’t even stand it. More on that later.

Sometimes most of us finds Facebook an useful utility when it comes to communication. Even getting phone numbers from anyone you add as a “Friend” on facebook just got easier. Just send him a message or put it on your profile with privacy settings set only that your friends can view it, right?

But some people are just either ignorant or just plain idiots; This is what shocks me. People on Facebook are just that blatantly ignorant enough to ask their acquaintance’s phone number’s on Facebook on a event page that can be easily be viewed by anyone who either joins the group or event. A screenshot might prove how people are stupid. Yes, I blurred out the names and phone numbers to protect the people who have already posted theirs without knowing that their information can be viewed by anybody in this planet with Internet connectivity.

This example deserves a post on my series ‘For F!@#’s Sake!’. It just shows how much this person knows about the Internet or he is just plain stupid. Alvin, if you’re reading this, you just earned my medal on the ‘For F!@#’s Sake! – Idiot of the Day Award’. Now move on and have a nice day.

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